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This page is still in production and many changes are coming. We will have adoptable rats posted here very soon!

CTRR rats are assessed for temperament and we will always assign a score from the chart below to each rat available for adoption.

0: Cannot tolerate being handled at this time.
1-2: Very timid & scared. Not hand tame.
3-4: Tentatively interacts, but does not want to be held.
5-6: Calm, and/or friendly. May come to cage door to interact.
7-8: Likes attention. Interactive. Hand tame.
9-10: Adept socialization: kisses, cuddles and/or craves attention.

Pinkie / Nursing: A wee nugget that still needs it’s mama.
Baby: 6-11 weeks old
Juvenile: 3-5 months old
Teen: 5-8 months old
Adult: 8 months to 1.5 years old
Senior: 1.5+ years old