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CTRR Wish List!  
Email us to discuss logistics for delivering the items listed below.  You can also find wish list items on our Amazon Wish List and can have them shipped to the CTRR headquarters. 

Rat Basics:
Rat/ferret cages (powder-coated, small bar spacing preferred, aka Martin’s Cages)
Bathroom rugs from Walmart ($9.99 each)
Bedding & litter (paper-based, aspen, pelleted – no pine or cedar shavings please)
Food – CTRR rats eat primarily Oxbow Regal Rat, supplemented with various fresh foods
Rat/Bird/Cat Toys/Cage Accessories (store bought or homemade)
Litter pans
Large Stealth Wheels
Hammocks of any kind

Cleaning Supplies & Maintenance Needs:
Trash bags
Dish Soap
Paper towels
Clorox wipes
Laundry Detergent (preferably dye/perfume free)

Other Supplies Needed:
Revolution (selamectin)
Veterinary Fees – for more info on how to pay these directly to our veterinarians, email us
Gift Cards (Target, Amazon, online, Pet supply stores, etc)