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Thank you for wanting to volunteer with Central Texas Rat Rescue! Some of the others ways you can help include:

Fostering – We are always in need of rodent-less, but rodent-friendly foster homes for quarantine purposes. This involves housing a rat for a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure they are healthy before the animal comes into the main rescue location around other rats. Quarantine homes are extremely important in ensuring all of our rescue animals stay healthy, as there are no vaccines available to protect rats. All supplies are provided as well as any needed veterinary care.  We occasionally have need for longer term fostering for animals that need special care (medical or behavioral) or animals that have been long-term residents and need some extra TLC.  Apply to be a CTRR foster here!  Questions about being a foster? Send us an email for more information.

Fundraising – We have one major fundraiser per year (our yearly raffle) but could always use assistance with other fundraising endeavors. Volunteers are always needed to help raise money for the animals. We also welcome your ideas for fundraising campaigns! Experienced in applying for grants? We need you!

Be A Critter Chauffeur – We often need rides for animals who are being adopted, moving to a new foster home or who are in need of a ride to see a vet. Texas is a big state, and we often have willing adopters further away that we can transport on our own. If you drive between two areas regularly, or if you are planning a road trip, please let us know!

Represent Us – We hope to send representatives from CTRR to all sorts of animal events to raise awareness, meet people, and raise money. If you like to go to animal rescue events or pet shows, and would enjoy staffing a table or booth for our rescue we’d really appreciate it!

For more information about any of our volunteer opportunities please contact us.